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Are you being spied on today?

Don't be fooled!

Most private investigators who advertise that they perform debugging sweeps have neither the equipment nor training to perform such sweeps. The technicians listed on this site are certified to have the training and equipment and experience necessary to perform electronic sweeps for eavesdropping devices.

This site has been established for the protection of consumers who need debugging services.

Before you hire a private investigator to perform a sweep for eavesdropping devices you should:

1. Ask the name of the technician who will actually perform the sweep

2. Ask if the technician is certified by TSCM-tech, a non-profit referral service

3. Ask where the technician received his or her training

4. Ask what type of equipment the technician will be using

5. Check this site for the region in which you live. If an investigator is not listed in that area, he or she is probably not qualified to perform a sweep.

For Your Protection:

To be Certified and listed on this site a Countermeasures Technician must:

  1. Have completed basic and advanced formal training courses in surveillance countermeasures

  2. Use equipment that has the capabilities of detecting technical surveillance devices when performing sweeps

  3. Have had at least three years of experience in performing countermeasures sweeps

    Article on Eavesdropping:

    Activity Monitors, Forensic Examiner, Summer 2009, ACFEI

    The Certified Technicians listed on this site work independently of each other. If you contract with a particular technician your contractual relationship will be with that person only and your information will be confidential between you and the technician you hire.


Send mail to TSCMTECH.NET@domainsbyproxy.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 06/23/09